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Way of Griping the ball | Cricket

Griping ball the right way is of great importance and there isn’t any rocket science behind it.Once you got it right it will generate good results for you.
Firstly, you have to put your index and middle fingers on the seam of the ball keeping a bit distance between them and place your thumb at the lower end of the ball.Ball must not be griped too tightly nor loosely because it will affect your bowling.

Remember to keep the space of atleast a finger between the back side of the bowl and the palm.It will help you to grip the ball more effectively.

Bowling Action & Run-up

There are 3 types of bowling actions:

Front-On Action
Side-On Action
Mixed Action

I will recommend to choose the one which suits your body instead of the one you like.

Now, if talk about the run-up then one must start with shorter run-ups because if you think that you would just come from the end of the 30-yards cricle & uproot the stumps with some shere pace like Rawalpindi Express (Shoaib Akhtar) then you aren’t thinking the right way.
You must have to start with the shorter run-up and then you can gradually advance to the longer run-ups.

An appropriate Jump during the run-up can also make you more effective for your team as it will cast some good effects on your bowling specially if you are not tall enough.

­­­ Wrist Position

Its probably one of the most important part of fast bowling.
Keep the wrist in backward direction and here it gets into a lock and when you are about to release the ball towards the striker’s end bring down the wrist in the straight forward direction and make sure that your Finger Tips are the last point of contact between your ball and hand.
It will result in more pace & bounce.

Self Analysis

Self analysis is key to overcome many of the problems.So, place a video recorder near your self at the right position or ask others to do this favour (Recording your entire bowling action video) for you and then rewind the videos,watch it in slow motion or start it over again & again to rectify the recurring errors.

Persistency & Self Belief

Now, to keep you motivate all the time and its your responsibility to put your faith in yourself and just work hard with all the good intentions to get success in any field of life.
You don’t have to bowl fast every time but you will need to do some smart work too deceive the batsman who is at the other end getting ready to face you.
Don’t deviate from your basics by just getting hit for a boundary or too.
Try to read the batsman’s mind and forget the past (previous delieveries) , make a come back with great zeal and target the right area to bowl.
Don’t relie upon other & remember that you are the biggest supporter of yourself.

Feel free to ask and suggest any thing in the Comment section.
Stay tuned for more interesting and informative articles.

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