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Strength and Agility Sports

Hello guys, in the article we will talk about everything you should know about strength and agility sport. Strength and agility sports are those sports that give you fitness and health. There are many Strength and agility sports like: 

  • Soccer 
  • Basketball 
  • Tennis 
  • Ice Hockey 
  • Badminton 
  • Squash 
  • Volleyball 
  • Figure Skating 
  • Soccer 

Football is played in a massive stadium and it has a capacity of 80,000 thousand and at the night the stadium the stadium become incredible. Basically, there are two teams in soccer, Number A and Number B. Both teams have their objective to hit the ball inside the goalpost of the opposite team. If the ball in soccer is inside the playing area that is good but if it goes outside the goal line or if it goes outside the sideline. 

The clock is soccer is running continuously. No matter if someone is injured or if the ball is outside the playing area. Soccer is 9m minutes game and they play 2 half of 45 minutes. There are 11 players at both side the soccer ground. This means every both teams have 11 players to have. Soccer allow three substitutions but the substitution is not like the basketball as you know. You can go out and come in, no once you go out in the soccer substituted you are not able to play for the rest of the game. There’s an injury time added to the running clock, so after 90 minutes based upon how many injuries happen, how many times, you know the game was stopped. They add one to eight minutes approximately.  


Basketball is a very famous team game all over the world. Basketball is played in a ground that has resolution of 28/15 meters. There are five players at the both sides of the pool and everyone have objective to put the ball inside the basket of the opposite team. The players in the basketball are arrange on the ground in four terms like Guard, Point Guard, Centers and Forwards.  

If you want to play basketball then you need three things and they are Dribble, Pass and Shooting. There are 12 players in each team but only five players of a team can play at one time. Remember that the points in the basketball and depends on the distance from which the ball is throwed inside the basket. If you put the ball in basket from the first circle then you will get points and if you put from the second circle then you will get 2 points. This is the method that is used to measure the points in basketball. Let me tell you one interesting thing that when you got a foul in basketball then you will get a free throw. Just remember one free throw has one point. The ball in the basketball is passed to another player by Dribbling and Passing.  


Tennis is a very famous strength and agility sport. If want to play tennis thee you need to know about few things. First you have to choose a best racket for yourself. Rackets are built for the strength and in most rackets, you will find a thicker sort of lighter flood frames. There are also control rackets available in the market out there. They are going to meet a little bit smaller, a little bit more flexible and have smaller sweet spots. As you know the object of any game is to score more points to win the game.  

The tennis court is 78ft long by 36ft wide. There are also other dimensions in the ground. In terms of the handle side. Handle size is very important as well. What you have to make sure about the handle is that your one finger should fit in between the tips of your finger and you will not be able to pronate any smaller. You can play tennis by one vs one or by two vs two. Tennis has also team events with a combination of single and double players. The net in the tennis is divided into two parts between the ground. Follow these steps before playing tennis.  

Ice Hockey 

Ice Hockey has a large amount of viewer and it’s a very important support for strength and agility. We are not talking about the guys that go every single game or majority of the games. Before starting Ice hockey, you should know that everything is overpriced, now mainly I’m talking about the food, drinks and all snacks you can get so your popcorns, your pretzels, your nachos whatever else comes with it all. 

 As you know your beverage drinks, your alcoholic beverage drinks, all that stuff is way overpriced. Now you could buy a water for the game. Remember that giving respect to other people, now this is a kind of a one those unwritten rules. Basically, all over the world in every situation but hockey games or any sporting event for that matter it gets a little ridiculous. Now I am talking about mainly is just for the instance when you are setting next to somebody and maybe you are a bigger person. You are biggest then normal people at like close your legs. If you are a now this kind of a hard thing to do. When you are you know obviously don’t want to be comfortable. But when you are setting to other people and those people want their own space too and especially if you don’t know them. Then you need to give them their space.  

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