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How To Play a Yorker in Cricket | Step By Step Guide

I’ll try to define it in as simple way as I can.

So, yorker is fuller length delievery that lands either in the feet zone of batter or in that area of pitch where the batsman tap its bat.

Griping the ball

Bowler can grip the ball either with seam up position OR with cross-seam position.
In my case , I would like to go with the seam up option but for all of you reading this , i’ll suggest to ask for suggestions from a “Cricket Master”.

Wrist & Run Up

First of all, try to figure out the suitable distance for your run up from the bowling crease and then mark the area as the initial point of your run up.It can be adjusted according to your comfort zone but once you fix it as described , you must continue bowling from that initial point.

Focusing your target , keeping the Eyes level and Staying tall before throwing the ball towards striker’s end are of great importance.

Similarly, keeping the wrist at the back end and snaping it in forward direction will help to increase speed and most probably will bring good results for your yorkers.

Try to drive your bowling shoulder in the forward direction it will also affect your ability to bowl yorkers in a positive manner.

The Block Hole

Try bowling in 2nd , 3rd and Fictional stumps i.e 4th and 5th etc. because if you are swinging the ball then you must aim for 4th or 5th stump and in that case after the swing will hit land in the line of 3rd ,2nd or even in the line of 1st stump.

I saw the interview of Australian Star Pacer Mitchell Starc and I came to know that Stumps are actually constant , I mean they can’t move so its better to focus the stumps compared to batter who keeps on moving most of the times to make it difficult for the bowler where to actually land the ball?

Mind Games & Variations

. You have to work smart along with hardwork.Before Getting into the match you must figure out the PROS & CONS of your opposition.

. Be Confident and positive even after getting hit for fours and sixes and try reading batsman’s plan towards your next ball and adjust your bowling and fielding accordingly.

. Try to play some mind games.You can bring some variations to deceive the batter Inswin and Outswing Yorkers.

Practise & Analysis

You might have heard about famous
“Practise makes a man perfect.”
The more you practise the yorkers , the more will be the perfection in your yorkers.

Try to record your practise session and then after watching it try to overcome your flaws.

Bring Hardwork & Consistency and ball atleast 12 yorkers a day in your nets.


I have couple of drills to mention here that will probably help you out.

1.Take something like 3 cones of different colours or you can choose different things which are available for you.Place them at different lines in the fuller length area and try pitching the ball in those lines.

2.Ask couple of friends to move any object
(like a stone with a string attached at both of its ends) across the popping pitch line right and left.It will depict the role of a moving batter trying to hit you in the match.
Ask them to move object right before you deliever the ball and you must either try to follow the object and beat em with a lightning bolt yorker OR just aim the stumps.

Lastly ,
. Practise regularly
. In any crisis moment , keep your morale up and just impose yourself on the batsman.
. Hard Work Never Goes Un-Rewarded.

Our Message

We try to bring the best for all of our readers but I still recommend one to discuss this content/Your issues with the ones who have great cricketing skills/Experience too.It’s not like we don’t make proper researche and work for you but its the matter of satisfaction.Write down your valuable views and the topics (in comments section) you want to read in upcoming articles.
Lastly, I’ll again mention that we try our best to bring forward the things that can help you.
Thank You.

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